How many Rug Sucker sets should I buy?

Typically, a rug cleaner would need at least 2-3 sets just so that they would be able to wash nearly all sizes of rugs. When someone  purchases just one set, they are limited just to a max of 4x6 foot rugs. This is because the Rug Sucker™ needs to go along the longest length of the rug. This will give you the least amount of rolls which is the most efficient way. The fringes will also be on the sides of the Rug Sucker™ rolls versus the top and bottom which may brown the fringes and create uneven drying. So with that principle in mind, one set will only clean about 1/3 of the rug and two sets will clean 2/3 of the rugs and three sets will clean about 99% of the rugs out there.


Who should use this tool?

Rug Washers-  Rinse rugs completely clear for outstanding finished results. Reduce almost completely the amount of time you are spending now to finish a rug. No more planning for that day when your 'volume will justify' a $25k+ machine. Save time over claw-type extractors and remove much more water.

Centrifuge Owners-No more lifting heavy, back breaking rugs into your centrifuge.No need to purchase a multi-thousand dollar conveyor roller setup. Get a better, more thorough rinse before you put the rug into the spinner. Increase the performance of your spinner by up to 10% by aerating the fibers before you spin it out.

Restoration Companies- Roll up to a job site with heavy wet rugs and carry out rugs extracted and ready for speed drying. Perform the extraction on-site rather than hiring it out. Roll up carpet padding and extract the water out before lugging it outside.

Carpet Cleaners- Start out with the most valuable tool in your arsenal by adding the capability to flush, rinse and extract area rugs without the need for expensive, specialized equipment you may not be able to justify.


How does the Rug Sucker™ work?

The way this works is you get your rug wet, roll the rug around the Rug Sucker™. The Rug Sucker™ is perforates with holes. Then you connect a vacuum source up to the Rug Sucker™ and all the water is pulled to the center. You can now constantly flush the rug until the water comes out clear. The majority of the water is pulled out in the first minute and mostly dry at about 8-10 minutes.


Why should I invest in a Rug Sucker™?

  1. start cleaning rugs without the high cost in expensive equipment
  2. flush, rinse and extract any rug, any fabric, any weave, even ones that would be damaged in a centrifuge
  3. Saves time and money with quick drying, eliminating any yellowing of rug fringes
  4. convenient and lightweight to bring to any on-site job