Rugged Industries endeavors to provide high quality products and product support to its customers and therefore backs up all of its new products purchased from Rugged Industries or any authorize distributor with this limited warranty. Rugged Industries warrants against all manufacturer’s defects, defects in workmanship and defects in material only.

This limited warranty begins on the date of the customer purchase and is valid and available to the original purchaser only. Rugged Industries are for commercial use only and are not intended for personal, family, or household uses.

However, other than set forth herein, Rugged Industries gives no warranty, express, or implied, as to description quality, merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, productiveness, infringement, or other matter, of any goods which Rugged Industries shall supply. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Rugged Industries shall in no way be responsible for the proper use and application of the goods. Rugged Industries neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for Rugged Industries any other liability in connection with the sale of Rugged Industries goods. This limited warranty policy may be changed or withdrawn by Rugged Industries at any time without notice.

90-Day Part and Labor Limited Warranty

Rugged Industries will cover parts and labor on all products for 90 days from the date of original purchase. This warranty covers the cost of replacement only and does not cover shipping costs.

Limitation of Damages

The remedy of replacement or repair of any defective goods shall be the exclusive remedy under any warranty made by Rugged Industries, whether express or implied. In no event shall Rugged Industries by liable for any incidental damages, or personal injuries.

All limited warranties are void for, and Rugged Industries does not warrant in any way, any product that evidences misapplication, improper installation, abuse, lack of maintenance, negligence in use or care, abnormal use, alteration of design, use of incompatible or corrosive chemicals, use in a rental service, and/or servicing, installation of parts, or repairs by anyone other than Rugged Industries or a Rugged Industries authorized distributor. Rugged Industries may make changes in products it manufactures and markets at any time; these changes are made without obligation to change, retrofit, or upgrade any product previously sold or manufactured.

Rugged Industries has no obligation to honor the limited warranties set forth herein unless the original purchaser, promptly upon discovering the warranty claim and prior to continuing to use the product, contacts Rugged Industries or a Rugged Industries authorized distributor or to describe the claim and to receive and follow instructions for documenting and resolving the claim. In addition, the purchaser must provide the product to which the claim applies to Rugged Industries or a Rugged Industries authorized distributor for a thorough inspection. Rugged Industries does not warrant or honor work not performed by an authorized distributor.

If any provision or portion of this limited warranty policy is found to be unenforceable, then the remaining provisions and portions shall remain valid and enforceable. If any provision or portion of this limited warranty policy is found to be limited by law, then that provision or portion shall be construed to make it effective within the bounds of law. For example, if there are legal limitations on the duration of warranties, the warranties made herein shall be construed to have the minimum duration required by law, or, if there are legal limitations of exclusion of remedies, the exclusions made herein shall be construed to apply to the fullest extent possible without violating the law.

The validity, construction and performance of this warranty policy shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, without respect to conflicts of laws principles. The exclusive jurisdiction of any legal action arising from or related to this warranty policy shall be in the State of California and no legal action shall be commenced elsewhere.